Khan’s Game – What it’s about

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Members of SEAL Team Six assassinated Osama bin Laden. Al Qaeda has not forgotten. Ahmed Khan leads a hit team to the United States to kill the parents of SEAL Team Six members. Preston Pettigrew, a retired Marine, is a parent of a SEAL Team Six member who went on the operation. That makes him a target. A target who fights back.


“No easing into this adventure. The action starts immediately. You quickly make friends or in some cases enemies with the characters. A great read as you try to figure out what will happen next. Who will survive, is someone in the government a part of the plot and will an unlikely friendship evolve into more?”

“A page turner full of action with a leading character that is tough and gritty, but also has a sensitive real side. Loved it!”

“From the first page to the last page, the action is nonstop. The protagonist is a no nonsense gruff, retired Marine who is bent on revenge for those he loves. This is a very suspenseful novel that is both entertaining and thought provoking.”

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